Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This whole blog should be about the stories that happen when I'm trying to write the stories. Because here we are, with post number three that is more or less a memo asking you to stay tuned for real content. I'm working on something really deep and spiritual about living a slow and quiet life. But all this stuff keeps happening, like:

1. Mother-in-law visit.
2. Photographers here to photograph my kitchen because they think it would look cool in some magazine about storage. (Did I not do a good job on the storage, heh?) There are opened black umbrellas on stands and stacks of white plates that aren't mine and someone drew pretend kid drawings on my chalkboard refrigerator. There's an assistant getting waters for people. I feel like I'm on a movie set, but it's my kitchen and I need to make sandwiches for my kids.
3. Not that I'm complaining. How cool is this?
4. Mother-in-law wandering around house in shorty bathrobe while stylist and photo people show up with equipment and props. Kids unwilling to get dressed or wipe the maple syrup off their faces. Me braless in white tee-shirt trying to answer the door and hold back the dog. Mentally calculating how many minutes I have to finish cleaning up the kitchen, de-slime myself, apply yoga clothing, and make it to a class. And get Audrey's nasty pull-up off her body, even though she's running screaming through the house that she's not ready.

Those are just some of today's excuses. Yesterday's are a different story.

But, really, I'm working on it. Deep thoughts about the slow lane. The contemplative life.

I wonder if I can fit that in before the kids' bedtime.