Sunday, October 15, 2006


Readers, I have just gone back and looked at my first month of posts and realize that it sounds as if I was beating my kids. I was not. Just so we're clear.


Anonymous said...

It NEVER occured to don't worry:)

Anonymous said...

That didn't even cross my mind. It's clear you are a caring, devoted mom. Hugs, V.

Anonymous said...

Seriously....who would ever think that?? Slap M around - absolutely! Kick the dog? Who doesn't?? Touch the kids??? No freakin' way!

Just kiddin, kiddo. Everybody knows the loving person that you are!


Maria said...

I'm sorry that someone obviously made a comment in order for you to make a disclaimer. You shouldn't have to explain anything. If someone can't handle honesty, that's their problem. I admire your candor.

susie said...

Thanks, Maria. Thankfully, my readers are nothing but positive.

Di said...

I just saw your comment on Tracy Thompson's site...and her book really is EXCELLENT!!! So I was meandering through your blog and came to this post at which point I said, "This is my kind of are now bookmarked!"