Thursday, November 30, 2006

Signs of Life

We just spent a week in Boston with my in-laws and I didn't have to take even one Xanax. I believe this is a sign of spiritual and cerebral health.

Other signs of health:
  • There is a reasonable amount of frozen food piled in the freezer drawer. When I have to rearrange the boxes of frozen waffles, Trader Joe's tamales and assorted Processed Organic Crap every time I open the freezer, just so I can shut it again, all is not well in the village. Likewise when the refrigerator shelves boast nothing but a few whithered carrots and a jar of mayonnaise. If there is no frozen food and the fridge is stuffed with fresh produce and meats, I'm either exceedingly energetic or about to go mad.
  • The ratio of time I spend on housewifery and on-the-clock mothering is equal to or less than the time I spend writing, doing yoga, or dancing around the attic with Harvey Danger on my iPod.
  • The strength and fortitude to "waste" baby sitter time on the above.
  • When my feisty 2-year-old starts torturing her big brother, I knock her down with tickles and start a rolicking game of chase with them both throughout the house. This happens far less often than I'd like to say. But it replaces the depressed behaviors, such as yelling and hiding in the bathroom.

Last night we got home in the middle of the night after ten hours of travel and a drive from Sea-Tac in freezing rain. Matt and I put the children to bed directly, then scarfed frozen junk food (Amy's Quiche Florentine) while standing at the kitchen island. We continued our snippy argument over who was more of a jerk in the airport.

"You know," he said, "sometimes when you get tired, you act like you're about 12 years old."

I laughed.



Anonymous said...

Hey--welcome home! :) So glad to hear about the signs of health. I like the idea of making a list of those signs. Here are mine:
-Getting outside once a day (usually with the kids)
-Eating balanced meals and snacks
-Letting the dishes go unwashed or some other mundane task in order to spend quality time with K & C
-Spending time just hanging out with my husband instead of running around doing house projects, frittering time away on the computer, or going to bed.
-Calling a friend
-Planning time out of the house By Myself (I am WAY overdue for this one!)
xo -V

Rose said...

I am sooo happy for you! WHat a way to come off the THanksgiving Holiday huh???