Monday, May 07, 2007

Dinner Conversation

Me: "Hey, guys, how about some sliced apples with cinnamon?"

Audrey: "Yeah!"

Jonah: "Mumble mumble mumble."

Me: "What was that, Jonah?"

Jonah: "Mom, I'm not really in the mood for things with cinnamon."

Me: "Ok, so do you want apple without cinnamon?"


Me: "Jonah?"

Jonah: "Just bacon."

Audrey: "I don't want bacon!"


Rose said...

Ha ha ha!!That sounds familiar! Why can't they ever want the same thing at the same time?

susie said...

I know! And bacon was not even on the menu!

Rose said...

Deuce will eat Bacon anytime of day. He will tell you it is his favorite food. lil won't touch the stuff. But I have to say tonight they both asked for Mac N Cheese independant of eachother. Ofcourse it is the white chedder kind which I am sure they hate and then they will both be pissed at me...but atleast they will agree!

susie said...

Right, because if it's not fluorescent orange, then it's not really mac and cheese.