Friday, September 01, 2006

Preschool Starts Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Super Cute picture! Where are you going in that one?-R

Anonymous said...

Are you on the bus going to bumbershoot to listen to some fun music? :) -V.

susie said...

Matt took this on the subway in Boston.

The kids thought Bumbershoot was overrated. The one band they stuck around for, West Valley Highway, held little interest for J, but A danced and waved her hands around. I guess she likes honky tonk more than J does.

I got to stay for New Pornographers, sans children. Today I'm missing Rocky Votolato, but I just can't see paying $30 admission just for him, much as I love him.

Gone are the days when I could spend the entire weekend at least for now. They really need to get childcare.

Anonymous said...

can you beleive I have never been to Bumbershoot? And I love live music....wierd...-R